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//Back-end Web Development

Back-end Web Development

Building complex business solutions requires good analysis and detailing of business requirements and a great understanding of business domain. That is a mandatory step in building a Back-end Solution for many businesses.
Since the back-end is usually the brains of most modern web and mobile solutions, we give it @ Innuva a great deal of attention. Our Business analysts work hand in hand with business owners to build user stories or requirement specification document.
We use a wide range of technologies, php Frameworks such as Symfony, Yii, and Laravel. We also work with Microsoft.Net technologies to build a number of our customer’s critical solutions.
Upon analysis, our team determines the most suited technology to the project. Some projects may simply require a WordPress shell, without the need to build a sophisticated solution from scratch; That would help save the cost, which we always try to keep at a minimum.

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